What to Do when Personal Injury Occur in Sports

Engaging in sports can be a fun and interactive game. To some, it serves as their hobby or source of income. But it can also cause harm as accidents in this game are sometimes inevitable.

There are different kinds of sports; it can be a non-contact sport wherein it doesn’t require any physical contact to your opponent like golf, badminton, table tennis, etc., or a contact sport like boxing, volleyball, basketball, etc.

For contact sports, there is physical contact between opponents during the match. And in contact sports, there is a certain amount of risk that may cause personal injury to the players like rugby, hockey, cricket, etc. These injuries if caused by negligence or intentional harm can be brought up to the law for justice and compensation.

If personal injury while engaging in sports happens and is caused by negligence, unlawful activity or violence by other players, he or she can file a claim for legal compensation. There are personal injury lawyers Corpus Christi who are of well-knowledge about this type of cases that you can seek help and advice.

Here are the actions that you will need to do:

Get Immediate Medication

The health of an individual after an injury in sports must be of number one priority. The damage must be taken care of immediately by a doctor. It is vital for the athlete not just in terms for his/her health, but the doctor’s diagnosis can also serve as significant evidence for your settlement claim. The cost of medication, hospital bills, and other expenses that are issued by the hospital can be additional supporting documents for the compensation that you will receive.

Gather Witnesses

Make sure to look for witnesses and get their information as it can serve as additional evidence that can strengthen your claim. You can also gather any video footage that was taken during the said incident that will be of great help.

Seek Legal Advice

There are legal offices that can offer a free consultation. It’s best to find a personal injury lawyer who is an expert in this kind of cases. Personal injury lawyers will study your situation based on the given facts and will assess if you have the grounds to pursue further action. The lawyer will then explain to you the process that would take part. The lawyer will also determine how much compensation you will need based on your medical expenses, incurred expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, including the costs for the whole duration like undergoing physical therapies, and until you fully recover.  Compensation can also be based on the pain, suffering and emotional distress that you have felt because of the injury.

Having to experience personal injury in sports can be a stressful process, physically, mentally, and most of all financially. Whether you have signed any waiver or you know what risks you have taken to be able to play in your chosen sport, you always have the right to file a case. Don’t carry all the burden all by yourself if you know what happened was unjust and uncalled for.

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