23 September 2014

Make Fitness a Top Priority at Home with a New Swing Set or Jungle Gym

With only 1 in 3 children being physically active every day, you as a parent want to help create endless opportunities for the whole family to get outdoors and move their bodies. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high and is a serious cause for concern. Other studies underscore the important long-term positive effect on children when families spend quality time together, including being outdoors and active together. The overall lack of exercise that is rampant in society today is related to the number of hours of television watching and electronic usage in the home, like computer games or social media. Intentionally get your family outdoors with no television and computer in sight; this is the easiest way to avoid those temptations and increase physical activity.

Emphasizing the importance of physical exertion by actively engaging in it is a great way to bond as a family. Playing outside, kicking balls, swimming, walking, and simple activities like swinging or jumping rope encouragesself-confidence and a positive body image in children and adults alike. Not to mention, doing these things increases the overall stamina and health of the lungs, heart, and muscles of all family members who participate.

Kids Running Outdoors

A swing set with a separate or attached adaptable gymnasium is the perfect play scape that keeps kids going outside over and over. Swing sets provide a chance for older siblings to help younger siblings, friends, or extended family members who need or prefer to be pushed on the swing. This allows for bonding and relational development. It gives parents the opportunity to take a break, let loose and has fun or zone out while appreciating the fresh air of the outdoors, too.

Basketball games are a perfect pairing with a swing set and jungle gym outdoor play system. Have an appropriately sized hoop and net securely attached to one of the posts or sides. Choose any night of the week to have a regular basketball game competition where everyone gets a turn at dribbling, shooting, passing, and running. Adjust the rules according to the ages of children. You can also consider special evenings where friends from the neighbourhood, family, or family friends can take part in playing the game.

Jungle gyms can also make a perfect obstacle course. Incorporate the features of the jungle gym and swing set into the obstacle course and/or basketball game. One example of your course might look like this: Swing three times and jump off, race to the ball, shoot a basket, slide down the slide, and cross the monkey bars. Keep a stop watch handy to really increase the competitive level of the game. When your family has personal swing sets and jungle gyms in the backyard, you can turn any day into a fun family day! Get outdoors and enjoy joint family activities with a great new swing set or the best basketball equipment in Toronto from popular online retailers like Play Rainbow.

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