4 October 2014

Basic Golf Warm Up Exercise

Golf warm up you say? Aren’t you expected to race to the course, haul out the BIG DOG, take a couple of hacks at it and begin your round? Is that what you do? Go ahead be fair with yourself. Provided that this is true, what was the result on the first tea? I’ll wager it wasn’t even a standard! Am I not right?

I don’t intend to include an excess of mockery in there, yet I need to stand out just enough to be noticed to the essentials of doing golf warm up activities to keep up a strategic distance from those enormous numbers the first couple of openings.

Is it true that you are with me? Great.

Presently let me converse with you like you’re a competitor for a moment. Time to re-live the wonderfulness days one more of an opportunity.

Presently recall the day when you had a change, meet or rivalry. Did you run out on the field or court and begin playing your game?


I’ll wager not!

You did a game particular warm up isn’t that right?

Well is there any valid reason you wouldn’t do one preceding golf then? Ok… gotcha didn’t I!

You would most doubtlessly do a warm up. Not simply beating balls either. That is the most noticeably awful thing you could do. You have to do golf warm up activities to get ready for ideal execution on the course.

Presently picture the golf swing and all its moving parts. The shoulders are extremely dynamic, if not the most dynamic in the golf swing. So better do several activities for that region.

Shouldn’t we think about your golf carriage? Well… your curved at the waist with pressure on your lower back, hamstrings and gluten. So you better do one or two golf warm up activities for those territories additionally.

Have I persuaded you yet? If not, then keep your same routine and expect the same results. I would rather not sound excessively negative, yet I emphatically trust you have to do your golf warm up activities.

Here’s one golf warm up activity of eight, that I have assembled to kick you off all in all correct.

I call it the Squat with Arm Raise:

* Feet shoulder width separated.

* Place club before you and hold with both hands for parity.

* Lower body by twisting at the knees not hips.

* in the meantime raise the club horizontally up before you.

* Raise move down, bring down the arms and rehash 15 times.

* Keep abdominal area extremely erect.

This is an extraordinary blending practice that warms up the legs, lower back and bears all in the meantime.

So next time you get to the course, in any event do the above golf warm up active

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